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I have had a great experience with the acupuncturist, Dr. Parisa Taslimi, She is very knowledgeable and caring. I initially started micro-needling treatments due to the acne spots I had. The treatments made my skin much smoother, toned and almost 80% of my acne spots were disappeared. Also, the combination of the acupuncture and topical cream treatments helped substantially in preventing the acne reoccurrence which I had been experiencing for more than seven years, especially around my menstruation cycles. I also had the needle and Laser Acupuncture treatments for my colitis issue which helped to reduce the symptoms to a great extent. I strongly recommend her.



  Tina Am

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I highly recommend Dr. Parisa Taslimi. She is very supportive and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the outcome of my Laser Acupuncture treatment. She always asks the right questions to find the right treatment for my condition. I have been struggling with knee osteoarthritis and not only does she work on me during our sessions but she recommends the right exercises and vitamins my body needs during this time to accelerate my recovery. She explains everything in great detail, is highly experienced and very caring in her approach.


Parychehr Salmas

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Dear Dr. Taslimi,


I am very pleased to tell you that I can now bend my thumb!!!

Thank you so very much for all you did for me. I will let my family doctor know also.




Jacqui Wilkinson

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I used to have migraines and after having a few acupuncture treatments with Dr. Taslimi, I've seen a lot of improvements. She was also very patient and professional at her work.


Siamak Zareian

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I have had some acupuncture sessions with Dr. Fateme Taslimi. She did a great job for me.

When I first went to limelight center to do acupuncture I was in doubt about doing it. But I really needed to do something to my face. I felt all parts of my face were gradually sagging. I went there for facial rejuvenation but first Dr. Taslimi asked me a lot of questions about my diet, my feeling, my sleep and all of my habits. Then she started a whole body treatment to me. After the first treatment I felt great and now it is my 10th session with her.

She not only worked on rejuvenating my face but she also worked on a lot of different places in my body regarding my other problems. At that time I felt anxious, weak and totally out of balance. But I feel my hormones and total condition of my body is in balance now. Even my cold hands and feet are warm now. I feel ten years younger, full of energy and I can sleep better now.

I have also been suffering from sinusitis since my nose job. I have consulted with many specialists but their treatment was just temporary. Dr. Taslimi is also doing acupuncture on my sinuses and I feel much better now.

I feel all parts of my body is rejuvenating, everything works better in my body.

I really recommend her for acupuncture. She has a remarkably good command of her work.




Arezo Moazami

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For years I was dealing with a number of chronic issues with my neck, headaches, gum pain, and neck pain. I saw all kinds of specialists and nobody could help. To be honest, life was hell for me. When I met Dr. Taslimi that all changed. I was of course initially skeptical but to my surprise, she was able to effectively treat all these problems. I simply could not believe it. She truly cares and is passionate about helping people. I can't thank her enough and I would highly recommend seeing her for almost any problem...


Saverio Zizzari

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