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Hi, I’m Parisa

Registered Acupuncture Practitioner

A Member of CTCMA_ Canada

Certified Low Level Laser Therapy_ Canada

LLLT_ Laser Acupuncture_ European TCM Laser Academy

Medical Back ground with a degree in paediatrics( Iran)

If you would like to try alternative methods to restore your health, schedule an appointment with Parisa.

Laser Treatment

Why ParisAcumed Acupuncture?

Our individual session includes one or more treatments from the best combination of traditional and modern medicine such as, Acupuncture, Cupping, Guasha, Diet and Life Style Suggestions,Supplement Suggestions, Laser Acupuncture, Cold Laser (LLLT)/Photo bio modulation and Stretching Exercise.

Rather than taking just a disease- centred focus, by using Western and Traditional Medicine, we address the underlying causes of diseases and the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

About Parisa (Fatemeh) Taslimi

Registered Acupuncture Practitioner​

Parisa Taslimi graduated as a medical doctor with a degree in pediatrics in 1998 from Tehran University, Iran and practiced in this field for 15 years; however, she has always been passionate about Eastern Medicine and using Holistic approach when treating her patients. She pursued Eastern Chinese Medicine at International College of Traditional Medicine in Vancouver, BC and got her certificate as a registered Acupuncturist and member of CTCMA. She has her Laser Acupuncture (LA) and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) certificate from Canadian Optic and Laser Centre. Parisa also has successfully completed the comprehensive  training of Laser Acupuncture and LLLT from European TCM Laser Academy. Now, she is able to combine her experience in Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine whereby treating her patients in a very unique way.

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